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Integrity360 Diagnostics Files Center

Why use this application

This diagnostics file sender is part of our continuous efforts to improve efficiency and speed of our support. Benefits to you our customers are: Ability to send large files sound better which cannot be sent by email; Speedy interaction with the support team; Faster response; Faster case resolutions; 24x7 upload capabilities; 24x7 diagnostics files monitoring and troubleshooting;

File Uploader

Type in your case reference number, select the file to upload and click upload:
Case Reference: *
1 file per session
go to Java Uploader


Case Reference field is mandatory.

Q: What file types am I allowed to upload?
A: The allowed upload file types are:
Archives and Logs with the following extensions:
.tgz, .zip ,.tar.gz, .tar, .rar, .log, .ems, .sensor, .txt, .enc, .evt, .evtx

Q: How many files am I allowed to upload?

A: The number of allowed files per upload session is one.

Q: What is the maximum file size allowed?
A: The maximum file size allowed is 500MB for each file